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The Hotel and Guesthous is located in the center of Künzelsau.

The nearest busstop is the Station „Bären“, it is 200 meters away from the Hotel and Guesthouse, the central bus stop is 700 m away from the Guesthouse and 750 m from the Hotel.

The nearest Trainstation is located in Waldenburg (12,3 km away) you can reach it with the bus, ca 30 minutes away, or by car and taxi.


The Hohenloher region is situated next to the Kocher-Jagst cycle path and its half-timbered houses also feature some beautiful museums which are well worth seeing.

Some museums that are not to be missed include the City Museum, Museum Würth 1, Museum Würth 2, The Space Exhibitions and Hirschwirtscheuer.

For further information please visit their websites directly:

Another exceptional place to visit is the museum housed in the Events and Congress Rooms at Carmen-Würth-Forum since July 2020. More information can be found here:

Further museums to include in your tour of the city are the:

The area is also home to unique cultural entertainment. Popular events include:

For children

Also for our little guests there are lots of things to explore in Hohenlohe and its surroundings

  • Fairytale workshop by Gudrun Weygoldt, Bächlinger Str. 35 in Langenburg
  • Mini golf course

Keep active in Hohenlohe

Around Künzelsau there are not only a large number of museums but also idyllic cycling and hiking trails, various baths, beautiful golf courses and much more.

  • Cycling and Hiking trails

Discover the forest on our „Nature experience path“ through the Künzelsauer forest or take a hiking tour on the „Hermann-Lenz- Weg“ from Künzelsau over the Hohenloher Plain to Langenburg and back. Those are only two of the countless hiking trails that lead through and around Künzelsau. You can find tours here:

Discover the Württemberg wine region. The wine region stretches from Taubertal, Hohenlohe, Heilbronn to Stuttgart. The wine region is shaped by its centurie old tradition, picture book landscapes, mild climate, idyllic wine villages. It treasures excelent restaurants and hotels. You can discover the region by car over the "Württemberger Weinstrasse", by bike over the "Württemberger Weinradweg" or by foot on the "Württemberger Weinwanderweg".
You will find further information for events, tours and the Württemberg wein region in the link

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